Gas Safety Inspection

Our GasSafe registered engineers are able to carry out gas safety inspections for both natural gas and LPG fuelled properties in Cambridgeshire.

Landlords are legally required to carry out a gas safety inspection annually. This can be carried up to 2 months before it’s due date and still retain the anniversary date.

If you are buying or selling a property, or want to be sure of the safety of the gas appliances in your home, book your gas safety inspection today.

We can also issue automatic text and email reminders 1 month before the next inspection is due so that you do not forget.

What  do we do on a gas safety inspection?

  • Visual inspection of the gas installation, appliance(s) location, terminal, chimney/flue route/position and signs of incomplete combustion.
  • Visual inspection of casings and combustion chamber and seals.
  • Visual inspection of gas meter/emergency control valve for accessibility in an emergency, for maintenance and correct labeling.
  • Testing of the appliance burner pressure or gas rate, or both where necessary.
  • Combustion gas analysis where specified in the appliance manufacturer’s servicing and maintenance instructions.
  • Inspect that ventilation is clear and sufficiently sized, etc.
  • Conduct flue flow and spillage testing where appropriate for correct operation of flue.
  • Check all flame supervision devices and/or other safety controls for correct operation.
  • Investigate any evidence of unsafe operation of appliances.
  • Tightness test of the installation.
  • Issue an electronic copy of the inspection certificate.
  • If any unsafe appliances are found they will be labelled AR (at risk) or ID(immediately dangerous), a warning notice will be issued and the appliance will be turned off or disconnected from the gas supply where appropriate.