Terms and Conditions

In these terms and conditions “Customer” means the customer for whom work is to be carried out by Cambs Heating Ltd and “Company” means Cambs Heating Ltd or, where applicable, a subcontractor carrying out activity under agreement with the company. 

“Agreement” means the agreement between the Customer and the Company to undertake work of which these Terms are applied (eg making an appointment or approval of quoted works).

”Works” means the work described in the Company’s quote, estimate, any documents  or by email issued by the Company, which may be varied by written agreement between the parties. 

For the purposes of these Terms, “in writing” means email and any document contained on a portable device and any signature on a portable screen shall be treated as writing. 

By booking an appointment or approving a quote, the customer agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1 – Appointments

1.1 – The company’s working hours are 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). We do not offer an out-of-hours emergency plumbing service.

1.2 – Appointments are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

1.3 – The Company will advise the customer of the date and approximate arrival time for appointments. The Company will always endeavour to adhere to this time, however appointment times are an estimate only. Customers can receive a text when the engineer is on their way.

1.4 – Before we attend, the customer should clear the area of any items so that the engineer has appropriate access to the appliance and its ancillaries. We recommend that any items that cannot be removed are covered by the customer.

1.5 – It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure sufficient access to service and inspect gas appliances and the appliance flue upon the entire length including the flue termination. Not being able to fully inspect the flue may categorise your appliance as ‘at risk’, and further visits to reinspect will be chargeable.

1.5.a – Where a flue terminates onto a flat roof above one storey, we may require specialist equipment for inspection      purposes. Where specialist equipment is required, it is the customers responsibility to provide this.

1.5.b – If your property is a flat where the flue runs through the building, access will be required in the communal              servicing cupboards and to the roof (where required) for inspection purposes.

1.6 – For non-combination boilers, please ensure that the heating system is cool upon our arrival so that we have sufficient capacity to test the system at maximum rate. 

1.7 – Please ensure that as much detail is given as possible with regards to the nature of the appointment when booking. We allocate time for jobs based on how long they are likely to take. Engineers are not able to complete additional unexpected works, but they may (at their discretion) take information / photos to allow us to quote for this.

1.8 – It is the responsibility of the customer to provide parking within 50m of the site. Any parking charges or fines incurred due to adequate parking not being provided will be the responsibility of the customer.

1.9 – Where an appointment has been made for a boiler service and the appliance is deemed to not be in good working order, we reserve the right to charge the customer for a diagnostic visit.

1.10 – Where an appointment has been made for a gas safety inspection, if any of the appliances present fail the criteria, as the inspection has still been carried out the appointment is charged regardless.

1.11 – Occasionally we may have to reschedule appointments at short notice due to emergency works which take priority. We will endeavour to inform the customer at the earliest opportunity.

1.12 – The company reserve the right to cancel appointments where there is an unattended person under the age of 18 on the premises for scheduled appointments. In this case, a minimum 1 hour charge will stand.

1.13 – To allow us to work safely, we also ask that any pets should be confined to an area that the engineer does not need access to whilst we are working in the property.

1.14 – For boiler repair call outs we typically allow up to an hour and a half for a diagnostic visit, but times may vary. It is possible that the engineer may need more time to diagnose the problem if exploratory work is involved and we may need to book a return visit to diagnose.

1.15 – Engineers may require free and uninterrupted use of gas, water and electricity throughout the visit, and Engineers may (for some works) have to turn off the water, electricity or gas supply to the property during the appointment.

1.16 – Toilet and hand washing facilities may be required on the visit. The customer agrees to allow usage of these facilities in a clean and tidy manner if required. 

1.17 – Whilst our engineer’s try to work in a clean and tidy fashion, sometimes mess caused during repair / installation works is unavoidable and the responsibility to resolve this lies with the customer. 

1.18 – Adequate lighting must be available for the engineer to carry out any works. We accept no responsibility for any lights left on following an appointment.

1.19 – The company will take photos of work undertaken at the customer’s property for our own records. The engineer may also attend with other people including managers, assessors or apprentices. 

1.20 – Where the company has a contract with a property letting agency, we may attend without any residents being present if we are able to obtain keys from the managing agent. We will give the tenant a minimum of 24 hours notice of our attendance.

1.21 – If the engineer finds the appliance(s) to be unsafe the appropriate actions will be taken (See ‘Unsafe appliances’ section below), the visit will be charged regardless. Any further visits required to fix issues will be chargeable and we will quote where possible.

2 – Unsafe appliances

2.1 – If any appliance(s) are deemed to be “At Risk” we will label the appliance with a “danger do not use” sticker and issue an electronic warning notice. We will ask the responsible person for permission to turn off the appliance. If the responsible person is not present, the appliance will be turned off at the electrical isolator and the gas valve/gas meter.

2.2 – If the appliance is deemed to be “Immediately Dangerous” we will label the appliance with a “danger do not use” sticker and issue an electronic warning notice. We will ask the responsible person for permission to disconnect the appliance from the gas supply. If permission is denied we are obligated to contact the gas supplier who may disconnect the gas supply to the property. If the responsible person is not present, the appliance will be disconnected from the gas supply.

3 – Cancellations

3.1 – Cancellations within 48 business hours of the appointment will incur a cancellation fee. Minimum charge of 1 hour or up to 50% charge on quoted works. 

3.2 – Where quoted jobs have been cancelled within the permitted period, we reserve the right to claim back the costs of any materials on special order, where we are unable to get a refund. 

4 – Fees 

4.1 – The Company charges for our time to undertake works at our standard hourly rate as stated on our website. This includes time on site, travel time, time to collect parts and any administration involved. There are no additional call out charges applied. 

4.2 –  A minimum  charge of one hour is applied for all appointments, regardless of the work performed. This includes working on an hourly rate or for quoted  works.  If for any reason we are unable to carry out work while we are present, the minimum call out charge of one hour will still be payable for our attendance, plus the cost of any additional labour beyond the first hour and any parts/materials if used.

4.3 – After the first hour we charge in 30minute increments.

4.4 – For all quoted works a 50% deposit is required to secure a booking.

4.5 – All visits are chargeable unless otherwise stated in writing. 

4.6 – All prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

4.7 – We typically issue an invoice per visit, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

4.8 – Any quotations provided do not supersede any previous visit charge(s) unless otherwise stated in writing.

4.9 – The company reserves the right not to book any further works in where there is an outstanding invoice on the customer’s account.

5 – Materials

5.1 – The company only install manufacturer approved parts from reputable suppliers that meet industry standards and are proven to be of the correct technical specification. 

5.2 – Materials supplied by us will be subject to a handling charge.

5.3 – The company can not be held responsible for any delays to work due to supply chain issues with our suppliers. 

5.4 – Where materials or hired equipment is required for a job (eg bathroom install), the company may have these delivered directly to site. We will advise the customer if this is the case and keep them updated with any information provided by the delivery company with regards to dates and pass on their details as a contact. The company assumes no responsibility for delay/non-delivery of equipment or materials to site by a third party.

5.4.a – The customer is responsible for accepting the delivery / collection of any materials / equipment to site and for the safe keeping of such materials. 

5.4.b – The customer must inspect the delivered items and report any damages as soon as possible to the company, including photographic evidence where necessary. 

5.4.c – If items are delivered to site we may ask for payment of the materials on delivery. Any materials delivered to site remain the property of Cambs Heating Ltd, until a payment for materials has been made / works are completed.

5.4.d – Should the customer change their mind about an item that is due to be, or has already been purchased /installed, any costs that are incurred will be absorbed by the customer and payment required up front for alternative materials.

5.5 – Should the customer wish to supply their own general plumbing materials (eg taps, radiators, etc), we are happy to install these if they are of the required standard. The customer is responsible for ensuring that all materials required for the job are present in time for the installation.

5.6 –  The company reserves the right to charge for the collection of materials, parts and equipment from any supplier during the appointment, unless the work has already been quoted for. If the collection of said materials takes part whilst the company is on site, the time taken for this will be treated as part of the works and charged at the applicable rate.

5.7 – For any bathroom works (including tiling), the company will use white sanitary sealant and white grout unless specifically stated by the customer.

5.8 – If the customer would like to keep any old equipment or material that will be removed as part of any installation work ordered, they must let the appointed engineer know on the day of install.

5.9 – The Company reserves the right of re-entry to remove any materials (fixed or otherwise), which remain unpaid for.

6 – Quotes

6.1 – All quotes are valid for 30 days.

6.2 – A 50% deposit is required to secure a booking for all quoted works.

6.3 – All quotes for remedial works are based on the engineer’s expert opinion and/or information provided by the customer with the intention to remedy a specific fault. Occasionally further works may be required in addition to the previously quoted works to remedy issues that haven’t initially presented themselves, in which case a quote for additional works will be issued.

6.4 – All quotes are based upon the estimated time to completed the stated works and the cost of the materials. The estimated time is based on the average time taken to perform the task and may take into account extra time for possible common faults resulting from such works. Occasionally the quoted works will take more time or less time than originally stated, but the quoted value still stands.

6.5 – All quotes and estimates assume that the system is in good order.  The company assumes no responsibility for defects encountered when applying standard practices during routine works. The company will always be willing to help rectify such problems, however further charges may apply. 

6.6 –  If there is a change to the agreed quoted works or an increase in the cost of materials over 10% following the submission of a quote by the company, we reserve the right to amend the quote / final invoice to reflect such changes. The company will inform you if any amendments will accrue additional costs during the appointment.

6.7 –  If following the submission of the quote by the company further works are required which had not been anticipated, these will be in addition to the original quoted works. 

6.8 –  If following submission of the quote or works carried out, it is discovered that there was an internal error when the quote was prepared, we reserve the right to withdraw the quote and a new quote will be issued for approval.

6.9 – The company will not be under any obligation to provide a quote to the customer. 

6.10 – The company will only be bound to quotes provided in writing to the customer, which have also been approved by an authorised representative of the company. The company will not be bound to any quotes or estimates provided orally.

6.11  –  The customer will reimburse the company for all expenses incurred (including labour, materials and equipment hire) upon acceptance of a quote which is subsequently cancelled by the customer.

7 – Invoices / payments

7.1 –  All payments are due on receipt of invoice / once the job has been completed. Additional charges may apply for late payments over 30 days.

7.2 – The company currently accepts payment via BACS or by secure online card payment. Full or part card payment can be made in advance when booking for quoted works. 

7.3 – The company does not accept cash payments.

7.4 – Payment via cheque will incur an additional £10+VAT cheque processing fee.

7.5 – Any invoice queries must be submitted in writing within 7 days from the date of invoice issue otherwise the invoice shall be deemed to be accepted by the customer.

7.6 – Where prior written agreement has been arranged for Account Customers with the company, full payment is due within 30 days of the completion of works and delivery of invoice.

7.7 – Where the customer is represented by a third-party (eg managing agent, landlord, tenant etc), in the event of non-payment by the customer, the third party will be responsible for full payment.

8 – Limitation of liability 

8.1 – The  liability of the company is limited to:


8.1.a – The repair / installation works in accordance with the quote.

8.1.b –  Any damage to the Customer’s property, if caused by the negligence of the Company.

8.1.c – The company are not responsible for any damage to wallpaper, paint, masonry, tiles, carpet, furniture, etc.  caused by a defect.

8.2 – The company will make every reasonable effort not to cause damage. It is the customer’s responsibility ensure that the working area is cleared of personal possessions and to protect any furniture, furnishings, fittings etc.  

8.3 – The company disclaims any liability for damage caused during investigation works and repair of any plumbing, gas or drainage work. This includes, but is not limited to;  removal of bathrooms, panels or furniture, tiles, flooring, interior and exterior walls  / ceilings where pipes are / must be installed and other consequential damages.

8.4 – The company are not liable for issues that arise from general maintenance, such as but not limited to, PCB damage when turning the power On/Off to an appliance, Leaks from valve spindles from using them to isolate the appliance, blockages of pipes or sensors caused by draining the appliance/pipework.

8.5 – Whilst engineers working on behalf of the Company will take reasonable care not to damage wiring, plumbing and other services at your property, the Company cannot be held responsible for any consequential damage caused to existing services/installations that are not clearly visible.

8.6 – A boiler service offers no guarantee that an appliance will not have any issues for any period of time, any further visits or call outs relating to the appliance will be chargeable.

8.7 – When working in commercial premises, the Company are not liable under any circumstances for any interruptions to business.

9 – Communication

9.1 – The company is committed to a paperless process. All of our documents (including boiler servicing records, gas safety inspection certificates and gas warning notices) are available electronically for customers to download from our customer portal. If a hard copy document is required, a £10+VAT processing fee will apply and the customer must let us know at the time of booking.

9.2 – It is the customer’s responsibility to check that their details are correct. If a document is issued which contains incorrect details, (for example a gas safety certificate with an incorrect postcode) a £10 + VAT processing fee will be charged to reissue the document, and this must be done within 7 days of the original certificate issue date.

9.3 – Invoices are issued by email only.

9.4 – Engineer’s are required to use mobile phones, tablets and any other electronic communication devices during appointments and may be required to take or make business telephone calls.

9.5 – Where a UK mobile number is provided the company can send a booking confirmation text to the customer containing their appointment details, a text reminder for said appointment if booked 2+days in advance, a text to notify the customer when the engineer is on their way, and another text when the engineer arrives. Texts are sent automatically from our system and we accept no responsibility if texts are not sent due to failings with our software.

9.6 – The company office is manned on a part-time basis so there isn’t always someone available to take calls or to respond to emails. Whilst we endeavour to respond to voicemails or emails as soon as possible, we cannot promise that these will be responded to on the same day.  

10 – Workmanship guarantee

10.1 – The company offers a one year workmanship guarantee on all installations and repairs, with the exception of:

10.1.a – Any work in respect of blockages in waste and drainage systems.  

10.1.b – Any fractures / clearance of blockages found on frozen pipes or drainage systems attended by the company.

10.1.c – Loss of pressure from systems regardless of work that has been previously carried out due to the possibility of  multiple leaks, however the company will guarantee workmanship on repairs that the company have undertaken.

10.1.d – Any work which had been carried out on instruction by the customer, against the company’s recommendations.

10.1.e – Any work carried out on behalf of the company by sub-contractors will be guaranteed under their own respective guarantees.

10.2 – All works will be done with reasonable skill and care by a suitably qualified person, and any apprentices will be working under supervision.

10.3 – If the customer is experiencing any problems following completed works, please get in touch with us as soon as possible within 12 months of the original works completion date and we will be happy to attend and inspect / make right if we are responsible.

10.4 – If following the inspection the issue is determined not to be as a result of our workmanship, the inspection visit and any further works will be chargeable. 

10.5 – The company’s insurers must be provided the opportunity to inspect the work and any alleged defect if required.

10.6 – The workmanship guarantee will become null and void if the work completed and / or appliance supplied by the company has been:

10.6.a – Not fully paid for by the customer.

10.6.b – Subject to misuse or negligence, or wilful act of damage by the customer / third party.

10.6.c – Repaired, tampered with or modified by anyone outside of the company.

10.6.d – Where the customer is unable to provide sufficient evidence that the work was originally carried out for them by the company.

10.6.e – Where the fault or damage is due to the materials supplied by the customer.

10.7 – The company will not be responsible for any damage or defect arising when recommended work has not been carried out.

11 – Warranties 

11.1 – The customer is responsible for maintaining their boiler warranty and any related documents (boiler servicing records).

11.2 – All boiler warranties are an agreement between the customer and the manufacturer directly. If the customers boiler is under warranty and faults are discovered (through servicing or otherwise), it is the customer’s responsibility to contact the manufacturer directly to arrange for them to attend.  If the company attend at the customer’s request for a call-out when the boiler is under warranty, any visits by the company will be chargeable.

11.3 – Warranties for other equipment / components installed (eg thermostats, cylinders, etc) are between the customer and the manufacturer and will vary depending on the manufacturer. All documents regarding warranties will be left at the property following installation. It is the customers responsibility to keep hold of the relevant paperwork and contact the manufacturer should problems arise.  If the company attend at the customer’s request for a call-out when component is under warranty, any visits by the company will be chargeable.

12 – Permits, Licenses, Regulations and Another Consents/Access

12.1 – It is the customer’s duty to ensure permission / permits from the property owner / landlord and/or planning permission (if necessary) is obtained prior to installation work carried out by the company. It is also the responsibility of the customer to undertake a party wall agreement with neighbouring properties where required in advance of the Company attending to carry out work.

12.2 – The company will not be held liable for any consequence of the customers failing to secure permission / permits /  planning permissions and the customer will bear any costs associated with this.

12.3 – Where applicable to drainage works and services, the customer should provide the company, if possible, with a plan of the drain layouts. If this is not available, the company reserves the right to make additional charges at the applicable rate if blockages occur in drains not covered or identified by the customer.

13 – Safety

13.1 – The customer agrees to provide a safe and respectful workplace for any persons attending the address. 

13.2 – The company will will leave the property if rude, abusive or unsafe conditions are encountered, and the customer will be charged / no refund will be due if the site is vacated for reasons of safety, abuse or general rudeness.

13.3 – It is at the discretion of the company to book any return visits folllowing any rude, abusive behaviour or unsafe conditions and we reserve the right to terminate any agreement should the work environment be deemed unsafe for our Engineers.

13.4 – The customer shall be solely liable for any hazardous situation in respect of Gas Safe regulations, or gas warning notice issued. If Cadent are required to attend at the advice of the engineer, it is the customer’s responsibility to call them directly to arrange this. If the customer wishes for the customer to re-visit after Cadent have attended, the visit will be chargeable.

13.5 – The customer must inform the company if they are aware of any asbestos, or other such hazardous materials within the engineer’s working area. It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange for the safe removal and disposal of hazardous waste (eg asbestos) from site at their own expense. A Clean Air Certificate will be required by the company as proof this work has been completed.

13.6 – Where works are taking place in a loft space, access to the loft must be via a fixed loft ladder. There must be a suitably boarded walk way from the ladder to the working area and  permanent lighting should also be available.  If the boiler is within 2 meters of the loft hatch, the hatch will need to be able to be sealed off whilst an engineer works in the loft.

14 – Force Majeure

14.1 – The company will use all reasonable efforts to carry out and complete the works to the agreed schedule, on time, however the company will not be liable to the customer if the works prove impossible due to events or circumstances beyond the company’s reasonable control.



15 – Removal of Waste and Materials

15.1 – The company is not responsible for the removal of any waste materials. The customer is responsible for the removal of any/all waste materials resulting from the works carried out by the company unless specified in the quotation.

16 – Routing of pipework

16.1 – When completing the installation of new or upgraded pipework, the route for pipes should be discussed with the customer. Pipework will need to be installed in the most functional way from an engineering point of view, not simply based upon aesthetics. The company will not bury pipework in the walls, underground or box it in unless this is explicitly stated within the quote.

17 – Intellectual Property Rights

16.1 – All content of our website, including logos and graphics remain the sole property of the company, and must not to be reproduced or distributed without prior written consent from the company.

16.2 – Occasionally the company may use photographs of completed works on our website for marketing purposes.


17 – Complaints Procedure

17.1 – In the unlikely event the customer experiences a problem with the service provided by the company, the customer must put their complaint in writing to [email protected] at their earliest opportunity. 

17.2 – Upon receipt of a complaint, the company will aim to investigate / resolve the matter within 28 days of receipt.