Power Flushing & Chemical Flushing Services

Our experienced plumbers are able to complete both Power Flushing and Chemical Flushing on central heating systems.

Power flushing is the process of removing sludge, rust and other materials from your central heatings circulation. Over a long period, this matter builds up which can lead to many other problems.

Power flushing, as the name suggests, is flushing the system under high pressure to remove all unwanted matter, such as sludge and rust. It will cleanse the central heating system and usually results in a much better performance from your system, including better efficiency which means more money in your pocket. Sludge, oil, grease and rust causes the efficiency and performance to degrade, which results in notable problems such as:

  • Hot water temperature has reduced over time.
  • Boiler overheats/shuts off completely.
  • The boiler or components, mainly the pump, become noisy or fail.
  • Particular radiators have stopped working or develop hot spots. For example, only the top half is warm.
  • Your central heating system begins to take progressively longer periods of time to warm up.

Here at Cambs Heating we provide a full Power Flush solution for homes and businesses in Cambridge